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Importers of fine selected wines

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About Kinnegar Wines

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logo_2Kinnegar Wines was born almost by accident and been growing organically since. 

In 1998, I was in the first year of a two year diploma course with the London Wine & Spirits Trust when an opportunity came up to visit South Africa, the Cape in particular. 

 As I was in the middle of these studies, I was keen to learn more about viticulture and winemaking in South Africa.  

I looked for a guide who was informed in this regard rather than just a tour guide. We had an excellent guide who brought us to a number of fine wineries and had in depth tours and explanations. At the end of the day, I wanted to take back some of the wonderful wines we had tasted for our own use. The two or three cases was going to be too much to carry so, just like that, I decided to ship a pallet - 33 cases! Naturally, I had to start selling these wines and so began Kinnegar Wines.

The guide on that day was also very significant. He certainly was very knowledgeable about all matters of wine production and winemakers whom we visited that day were all at the very top end. His name was André Morganthal, a name now very familiar with the wine trade in South Africa. He has been involved in the wine business since 1995 in various guises, consultancy, educator, winemaker, writer and since 2001, he has been the Communications Manager at Wines of South Africa - WOSA.

On that day in April 1998, Andre took us to Thelema Mountain Vineyards, Warwick Estate & De Trafford Wines as well as a few others. Since then, I have been importing the wines of these highly rates estates into Ireland as well as some other discoveries along the way.


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